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My Sim Stories

because fictional pixelated lives are still more interesting than my own

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What is this journal?

This journal is for perrynqa to write about and make fun of her Sims. Or my Sims. Let's just stop with the third person.
Sims Stories are stories told using pictures taken from a Sims game. If you haven't heard of the Sims... then I can't talk to you.
My Sims stories are slightly different from your average stories, however. While some people make their Sims move around and do stuff and take pictures so they follow a specific predestined path to tell a definite story, I have no such organizational skill. My Marauders Story is a forever rambling tale that has probably only followed a strict plot when I needed them to move out of a buggy lot. Otherwise, I simply let my Sims do as they please, with some instruction so they don't die out on me, and then I comment on them.

MSS is sarcastic, sometimes crude, and contains adult language and nakkie!Sims. I've also been told to warn that you should not read these in a large room full of people, for your insane laughter just might draw attention to yourself. So be discreet.

This isn't actually a warning for the story, but heed it anyway. Do NOT hotlink my images. It's a bandwidth-stealing, pesky-varmit thing to do and I won't stand for it.

The Stories

Marauders Story
It'll get a graphic later.
A saga following James Potter, Lily Evans, Remus Lupin, Sirius Black and all of their collective children as they grow up. It's the story that started this journal, and one that will quite possibly never end... Peter is not featured in this story. His terrible fate and Reincarnate are discussed in later chapters.
Click the text above for the tag page of entries. Go back to previous entries to find the first.

Using a custom Snape skin, I've done a second story, all about our favorite Potions Master. This story follows Snape's every day; from his breakfast toasties, to phone calls with Remus, to hot tub reandevous to scarily tight swimming trunks. Click the image about for the list of tagged entries. Scroll down/to a previous page for the earlier installments.


Can I make icons/banners of your Sims and quotes?

Of course you can! I'd be honored. There's a community for jazz like this, mss_icons. Be sure to join and post your stuff there! Also remember to credit my_sim_stories for the pictures.

Where do you get your downloads?

Whew, lots of places. Modthesims2 and VariousSimmers are my main haunts, so those are always great resources for Sims stuff, Modthesims2 especially. If there's a specific hack or download you're looking for, check the comments of the post it's mentioned/shown, because there's a good chance the link's down there somewhere in a reply. If searching the sites and comments doesn't bring up shit, feel free to comment on an entry or email me and ask. I always do my best to find the link.

I have a question about The Sims2...

While I'd like to say "Ask away!" with great enthusiasm, I don't want any sudden rain of questions thrust upon me. (down on me? It is rain, after all. Wtf I am even...anyway.) Check ModtheSims2 Game Help forums and run a search the memories thesims2 first. If none of those places make sense or answer your query, ask me. There's a 20% chance I just might know the answer.

Why didn't you respond to my comment?

Er, sorry? I always try to respond if you have a question or need help in anyway.

Can I friend you?

Pssh, no need to ask! I'm an idiot and keep friending people back, which looks blotchy on the user info and stupid in retrospect but I'm going to keep on doing it until LJ slaps me in the face, so I will friend you back. If you don't want me to friend you back, just say so.
Also, please *please* try to refrain from friending me whenever there's an update, unfriending me after a few weeks, and then friending me again once there's another update. That's just a little bit annoying.

Can I rec/promote your stories on my journal/community?

Er, YEAH. Ha, I'd be delighted, thrilled, overjoyed, all of that!

I'm a poor dial-up loser user! What can I do to read your stories?

Part 8, the longest part of the Marauders Stories, has been broken down into smaller installments here. The earlier parts I have not broken down, but the later ones I try to put into easy-to-manage installments of 50 or so pictures. If a part is too long for you to view without wanting to throw your computer out the window join the 21st century and get dsl email me and I'll see about cutting it up for you.

How do you take such good pictures?

I've got my camera settings on the highest quality and highest size. I've also got my video drivers all up to date (which I did only recently, using this information, and the new quality of the game is amazing.) Otherwise, my pictures aren't actually that good. But I've got a new graphics card, so once I get these posts up to date, the pictures will sky-rocket in quality.

How do you get your Sims to do such weird things?

I dunno. I let them go at it, do whatever, and hope they don't kill themselves in the process. I may interfere once in a while and some pictures are certainly taken to make the Sim look a little more insane than they would've done otherwise, but for the most part this is really and truly my seriously fucked up Sims.


I don't own Harry Potter. Nor do I own Arrested Development, but I do reference it so much I think they should be paying me royalities. And I don't own The Sims2. I mean, I did buy it, paid like 50 bucks for it. But I don't *own* it.

Various Links That I Recommend
Sims related

mss_icons - Icon and graphics community created for My Sim Stories. Definitely check that out.
thesims2 - The Biggest Sims 2 LJ community. Their memories have a useful search function that can help to answer hundreds of questions.
sims2lj_archive - Archivist for all of the LJ's specifically for Sims2 stories. Also included are Sims2 websites, places for downloads, and help communities.

Off LJ
ModtheSims2 - Where I find most of my downloads and hacks. It can be a bit hard to search around sometimes and pretty slow, but it's got a lot of really good quality stuff. Also has a great help forum.
Various Simmers - Some of the better modders from modthesims2 left or something, and created their own forums. Lots of good hacks/ tutorials/ lots here.
Marina's Sims 2 - Lots of good downloads, especially some great Midieval themed stuff.
Showcase Skins Connection - This page links to the Harry Potter robes and uniforms for each house.
The Well Dressed Sim - Clothing, and some really nice hair styles.
All About Style - I've downloaded just about everything from this site. Some really great themed clothes!
Reflex Sims - Lots of really pretty downloads. I just found this site, so I haven't gotten anything from it yet, but as soon as I'm done typing this, I so am, LOL.
45 Degree Rotation Cheat - This is on modthesims2, but I'm always losing the link so I figured I should just put it here so I can keep track of it. Let's you put objects at, obviously, 45 degree angles. Works for expansions only.
Rachelonisims - another site with good downloads.
The Sims Resource - This is a pay site, but they do have some free stuff now and then. Some very good stuff on here, but I'd check Modthesims2 first.
Around The Sims 2 - Very nice download site.
The Sims Vault - Another pay site, but if there was ever a site with content worth paying for, this is it. She's got a lot of her stuff on Modthesims2 for free, also.
The Sims 2 Database - MSN Groups site with loads of information, cheats, etc.
Snooty Sims Info Center - Another good place for Sims 2 information, including all the Career Levels, types of food, and ways to kill your Sims (including what kind of ghost they'll come back as).
Mike Inside - Information, houses for download, and building tutorials as well. Also a nifty Family Creator that'll help you come up with names for your Sims.
The Well - Really good assortment of links to other Sim sites, organized by content.
4 Ever Sim Fantasty - Another great download site with some really good original 3D meshes. I love their playpen for toddlers.
XM Sims - Another great download site, be sure to check this one out.

Not Sims related:
thefreshchuff - Er, this is my journal. Like you want to read that.
ramblingsinsane - A community my friend and I made for our randomness. Read at your own risk.
bluthcest - An Arrested Development community devoted to incest between the Bluths.
Squid Fingers Patterns - Where the background to this layout came from.